The taste of water

Think of this as...

  • Mentally, emotionally - a moment of restful awareness, pausing (but ready to move), a lack of bias, indifference as a positive quality
  • A situation midway between two quite different, transformed states. Neither one nor the other, this is a moment that cannot be identified with what came before or what comes after
  • A sensation of blandness, insipidness, (dan 淡), paleness, flatness, 'clumsiness'
  • A strategy for achieving depth and duration in experience using a bland or plain background where minute differences are experienced, where energy is minimal and thus the prospect of change in any direction is highest
  • Materially- water, low white noise, plain materials, materials in a raw state
  • Behaviour - preferring the ordinary to the extraordinary; quiet dignity

 YAO Song 姚宋 (1648-1721)
Landscape, 1697
Album of 8 leaves. Ink and colour on paper
20.4 x 14.5 cm
Private collection

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